So for 40 years I’ve been a dentist in this practice. As many of you know, I retired as of January 1, 2020. Little did I know that I’d be writing on this website as a patient.”  Approximately three weeks ago, while comfortably parked in front of my TV, I was munching away on a mix of crackers and cheese. Just as I have heard so many times in my career, I suddenly noticed a raggedness to one of my teeth on the lower right side. I looked in the mirror and saw one of my cusps on a tooth had fractured. There was no pain, but it felt like there was a huge crater created on my lower right first molar.

Thursday, May 14th, “as a patient, after our Ohio Governor reopened dental offices, I was fortunate to have Drs. Drockton and Rodriguez and their competent, professional staff see me for a crown preparation. Because of the coronavirus concerns, I knew that my dental experience would be totally different from how I had practiced. I wondered how the office had changed…

I had been prepared by the front office, with a telephone call, as to what to expect. Things in the building and at the office had drastically changed. Wearing my mask, I was greeted in the downstairs lobby by one of the masked and gloved dental assistants, who then took my temperature and fully reviewed my health history. I was then led to the dental office where I immediately noted the staff properly dressed and covered to address the additional infection control considerations needed for this virus. There were physical changes to the office: less chair space in the reception area, no magazines, no coffee machine, nicely mounted plexiglass separating front desk staff from patients, and automatic faucets and flushers in the bathrooms. There are air purifiers now in each of the operatories. You could see that the staff and doctors had worked long hours to fully prepare the office to be safe for each and every patient as much as possible! I include a picture of one of the hygienists wearing what all of the clinical staff will now be dressed in.

As a former partner in the practice and now as a patient, what had not changed is the professionalism, empathy, and feeling of true caring this practice has always been known for! I had dental work that was done with professional expertise and no pain with a great feeling of safety in a world filled with anxiety due to the coronavirus. I am truly thankful for these great doctors and staff  as their patient”!!!!

~ Dr. Laniauskas